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​ELS online: discussing implications of Brexit (29/01/2021)

Last week ELS students completed the first block of lectures: Focus on the European Union. The objective of the module is to discuss the issues relevant to the development of the European Union, with the focus on common values.

In January Dr Steve Terrett from the British Law Centre during an extensive online meeting explained how the UK and EU relations evolved over time. The focal point was of course the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union that was explained with the emphasis on what “Brexit-deal” means, how it was negotiated and what the recently concluded Trade and Cooperation Agreement brings.

During the upcoming lectures in the spring, students will have an opportunity to meet dr. Anna-Maria Konsta, lecturer from AMU partner in the EPICUR consortium – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of Law in Greece.

Fall semester: 15th October 2020-11th February 2021

Winter holidays: 23rd December 2020 -3rd January 2021

Winter exam session: 12th February 2021-28th February 2021

Spring semester: 1st March – 23rd June 2021

Spring vacations: 1st – 6th April 2021

Summer exam session: 24th June – 7th July 2021

Summer vacations/teaching and learning (field classes, work placements): 8th July – 31st August 2021

Exam session: 1st – 26th September 2021

Dates as indicated in the Regulation No 483/2019/2020 of the Rector of Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań on the organisation of the academic year 2020/2021 (issued on 3rd August 2020).

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You can find the latest information on COVID-19 measures undertaken by the AMU authorities here.

Update from 4 October 2020 (official statement by Rector Bogumiła Kaniewska):

Several employees of our University have been recently infected with the Covid-19 virus. Due to the development of epidemic threat relating to the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the following measures regulating our operations are being introduced for the period between October 5th and 15th, 2020:

All uncontrolled entrances to the building should be closed without delay.

Visitors entering the building should:

 (a) maintain their mouth and nose covered,

 (b) disinfect their hands and

 (c) have their body temperature taken with a non-contact thermometer at the entrance.

The receptionist shall refuse entrance to the building to visitors whose body temperature is 38 C or higher or to visitors who do not meet conditions (a) and (b) mentioned above.

  1. It is mandatory for all individuals moving in common space (halls, toilets, libraries, classrooms etc.) and employees leaving their workstations to keep their mouth and nose covered.

  2. Within the building it is mandatory to maintain social distance of at least 1.5 meters between themselves and others.

  3. Visitors are allowed to use generally available cloakrooms without attendants.

  4. Employees who are not academic teachers shall do their work on a rotation basis. The supervisor shall make sure that the organization of work ensures appropriate performance of tasks.

  5. At work, the presence of visitors should be limited and contact time with them should be minimized. Only one visitor should be served at a time.

  6. Infected employees should notify their direct supervisor about it without delay, following which the direct supervisor shall notify the Vice-Rector for Human Resources and Development about it.

AMU employees and visitors are committed to complying with AMU mandatory procedures and currently binding regulations and recommendations on preventing, counteracting and fighting Covid-19.

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